My perspective on change…

Somethings come with age. Ok not my age, I still consider myself young, if not young in age, at least young in spirit. There’s a line of a song which states “…some of the most interesting 40 years olds still don’t..” know what to do when they grow up. That’s me. I don’t have a deep yearning to take the job of those above me, but I have a strong desire to help and lead people. The idea of people seeking out my counsel for an issue or concern which they have is awesome. I love the idea of leading people to their destination, one which I may be guiding them to or one which we journey together. Helping people deal with change is just one part of being a leader, and where this post is focussed.

I have just watched my son celebrate his 20th birthday. I am not his paternal father, but have been his dad since he was 18 months old. So despite looking nothing like me, he has developed many behavioural traits that emulate my own, good and bad. The one that he has not picked up from me though is a willingness to change, and it is this one trait which I wish I could engender in him. The world is rapidly evolving and I am fearful that his approach will leave him stuck in whatever pursuit he follows. 

I love change. I am lucky to work in an environment where change is not only constant, but honestly overwhelming at times. You can be overwhelmed by something you love yeah? And I think it is the constant change which has helped me identify exactly what I want to do in the future. As I listen to colleagues speak again about the uncertainty that a new restructure invokes, I can only try and point out the positives. The new opportunities which we can take to influence the future of our team or more importantly, those of our customers, don’t present themselves that often, and we have one right in front of us! Now is the time for us to seize the moment and lay out a clear plan for what we can do to help those who need it. Our customers look to us to give them something they need, we can’t take a moment to pause and worry about ourselves. We must remember our customers are going through the same changes and we should provide them the comfort that they may not be getting elsewhere. Let them seek us out and let us give them the strength they need. Let’s lead them through the uncertainty. It will allow me to look forward to develop another, though hopefully more, anecdote which I can recall during my next evening of lectures attended by my son!


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