Short Story – The Daily Post

As Jane lifted the coffee cup to her mouth she breathed in the beautiful aroma and for a brief moment drifted away. She remembered the first time that she truly appreciated coffee as a drink, which happened during her first pregnancy. Prior to that she had never felt the need or desire to try coffee as a drink, however that all changed whilst she was 4 months pregnant. The smell of the roasting beans and freshly made coffee as she walked past a cafe invited her to try something new. She went in and ordered the only coffee drink she knew, a cappuccino. She played with the chocolate coated foam and slowly devoured the cup. From that moment on she was a coffee drinker. 

After taking the first sip she looked up and saw Kate looking at her. The look of fear and questioning was plastered over her friends face and Jane knew she would need to tell her something. She kept the cup close to her lips as she pondered where to start. Jane took a mouthful of coffee and placed her cup on the bench and looked out of the window as she swallowed the coffee which had been swirling around her mouth. Where would she start? Kate started to say something, but Jane raised a finger which caused her to stop. Then Jane started to recount the story of what had happened prior to Kate’s arrival.

Kate sat and listened. The Revelation of what had happened filled her with fear. She felt like she needed to call the police, call Mike, pick up Jane’s kids from school. So many thoughts flowed through her mind, and yet, she felt like no matter what she said or did, would be enough. Kate took a deep breath and focused on listening to her friend.

When Jane finished, all Kate could do was put her hand onto Jane’s leg and offered her friend support. Something in what Kate heard told her she would need to find some more time in her day to be there for Jane. Jane had always been strong and very  seldom sought out counsel from friends or family, but this situation needed something different. Kate sensed that Jane had told her this in confidence and that there would be few people who would know the true story, but given how popular Jane was, many people would sense something wasn’t quite right. 

The two friends sat in Jane’s kitchen without talking. The coffee was getting low in both of their cups . Kate looked at the few drops rolling around in the bottom of her cup and broke the silence by asking Jane if she wanted another coffee. Jane was rolling the cup in a circle on the bench in front of her and said yes. Jane passed her cup to Kate and stood up to get some biscuits from the cupboard. She placed the biscuit barrel between where they had been sitting and walked over to Kate. After Kate had finished putting the sugar into their cups, Jane touched her shoulder. As Kate turned, Jane reached out to give her friend a hug. The tears started to flow before their bodies came into contact. Kate pulled her friend tighter as Jane buried her head into Kate’s shoulder and started to mildly convulse as she cried. Tears started to well in Kate’s eyes as she felt extreme sorrow for her friend. 

As the kettle whistled, the two friends broke apart and started to compose themselves. Jane reached for the tissues near the kitchen sink and passed them over to Kate as she turned the gas off of the stove top. Kate placed the tissues onto the bench and proceeded to fill the two cups up with the freshly boiled water. She pushed Jane’s coffee across the benchtop to her friend who had made her way back to the seat she had been in earlier. This time though Kate stayed across from Jane. As the coffee was still hot, Kate asked her friend, “Jane, do you want me to call Mike? I will stay with you until he comes home.” Jane pondered the question and nodded her head. She knew that she would need to tell her husband and having the support of Kate would make the task easier. Kate called Mike and told him that something had happened, Jane was alright, but he needed to come home. After the call, Kate walked around to her friend and sat down next to her again and said “I am here for you. Anytime day or night.”


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