About me

Really anything that makes me me, really is quite boring. There is nothing to me beyond family, work and bike. I do number 2 (number 2… bahaha!! yes I can hear you hitting the back button now!) to keep number 1 fed, clothed and sheltered… Number 3 is for me.

I am not a good cyclist, I am quite happy referring to myself as crap, but I enjoy it. The moments of abuse from cars and trucks well you just don’t get the same experiences when you are driving. Well not when you are blasting some teeny bopper crap through the stereo to keep number 1 happy because heaven forbid the actual driver of the car can choose what to listen to! Where’s my bike?

Basic stats – 40ish. Male. Bald. Vegan. Loves wearing lycra and shaving his legs. (If this ends up on grinder… well I am sure some people wouldn’t be surprised!)